Explore the exhilarating world of blokarting on Sonderstrand with our experienced guides! Enjoy the wind in your sail and the thrill of this unique beach experience.
    An unforgettable adventure for young and old alike! 



    Discover the thrill of Wing lessons at us – where adventure meets ease! Our experienced instructors make learning a breeze, ensuring you glide effortlessly across the beach. Join us for an unforgettable experience in mastering the Wing!



    Experience camping in comfort with Romo's high-quality rooftop tents. Elevate your outdoor stay with our premium tents, equipped with all the essentials. Enjoy a cozy night's sleep under the stars, and wake up to the convenience of your personal coffee machine. Rent a rooftop tent at Rømø Advenures and embrace the perfect blend of adventure and luxury.


    Come join us at our camp and indulge in complimentary fun!
    Dive into games like beach volleyball, viking, or air hockey. Alternatively, unwind in our cozy beach chairs. It's all on the house, just for you!


    Experience the thrill of group events at Sonderstrand! Whether it's a kids' birthday bash or a corporate outing, our blokarting adventures await you on the sandy shores. Feel the wind in your hair as you race along the beach. Elevate your experience with local catering options, creating the perfect blend of excitement and delicious moments. From children's laughter to team-building triumphs, Sonderstrand is the canvas for unforgettable group memories. Book your blokarting escapade now!

Blokart Strandsegln

Welcome to Rømø-Adventures, where the winds of excitement meet the shores of Sønderstrand! Immerse yourself in a world of wind-driven activities designed for everyone seeking thrill and adventure. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a first-time adventurer, our diverse range of activities promises an unforgettable experience on the picturesque island of Rømø. From windsurfing to kite flying, our team is dedicated to ensuring that the wind carries you into a realm of pure joy and exhilaration. Join us at Sønderstrand, where the wind becomes your ally in creating memories that will last a lifetime. Embark on an adventure like never before with Rømø-Adventures - where the wind is your guide and every moment is a breeze!


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Blokart kids romo-adventures
blokart romo-adventures doubleseat

Kids as young as 6 can experience the thrill of blokarting.
For the little ones or windier days, hop into a double-seat blokart for a safe and exciting ride.
Unleash the joy of wind-driven fun for the whole family on the beautiful shores of Sønderstrand.


Bachelorparties Teambuilding School groups Birthday parties Company events

  • Bachelorparties

    Gear up for an epic bachelor bash on Sonderstrand!
    Feel the thrill of the wind in your hair as you race across the sandy shores with blokarting.Unleash your inner speed demon and make memories that'll last a lifetime.

    And to keep the energy high, indulge in mouthwatering catering options from a local company. Get ready for a day of adrenaline, laughter, and delicious bites – the perfect recipe for an unforgettable bachelor party!

  • Teambuilding

    Elevate your team's spirit with a memorable team-building day on Sønderstrand! Immerse yourselves in the thrill of blokarting, compete in energizing beach volleyball matches, and revel in a variety of engaging beach games. Our pristine beach provides the perfect backdrop for bonding and boosting team synergy. To enhance your experience, we offer the option for local catering, ensuring your team stays energized and focused. Unleash the power of collaboration while enjoying the beauty of Sønderstrand. Book your team-building adventure today!

  • School Groups

    Get ready for a thrilling school outing on Sonderstrand!
    Experience the excitement of blokarting and the serenity of kite flying against the backdrop of beautiful coastal scenery.

    Dive into adventure with more activities awaiting you.

    Plus, enjoy the convenience of local catering options to fuel your fun-filled day. Let's soar high and make unforgettable memories together at Sonderstrand!


    Je gaat de heuvel over en ziet allemaal kleurige zeilen op het prachtige grote strand in Denemarken. Vliegers in de lucht, een Kite wing die voorbij komt. Uit de duinen komt een rij met paarden aan, gaat allemaal zo mooi in mekaar op. Bij de Blokarts de Kite wings of de Kite buggy ( bij alles wat Romo adventures aanbied ) krijg je goede persoonlijke uitleg in vele verschillende talen. Enthousiaste instructeurs vele blije gezichten. Je ziet jongen kinderen oudere mensen en gezinnen! Een prachtige ervaring beleving om te doen. Je Kijkt en geniet, van de mensen die het ondernemen alleen al door het kijken word je zelf enthousiast dat je het zelf wil doen, wat de moeite waard is/was. We komen terug bij Romo adventures

    Amri Hogeling Avatar Amri Hogeling

    Top locatie

    danny bloemhoff Avatar danny bloemhoff

    Geweldige ervaring zeker een aanrader

    Klaziena Bethlehem Avatar Klaziena Bethlehem

    Leuk weekend gehad, heerlijk uitgewaaid. Alles top geregeld!! We komen zeker nog eens!

    jeroen spiekhout Avatar jeroen spiekhout


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